#MeToo isn’t all about women exposing men who have at some time or the other assaulted them anymore. Now, men have joined in too and are letting the world know, how a man too can fall victim to sexual exploitation and that, it’s equally traumatizing for them too.

Aayush Sharma, a sports journalist has currently taken it to Twitter to share his ordeal. He tweets how he was inappropriately touched during one of his job interviews with one of the leading media houses by a lady employee. He had resisted and even pleaded the lady to let go of him.

His horror didn’t end even after he left the interview room or the office. It went on with threatening messages that he used to receive for a month or so that spoke of the lady filing a case against him or ending his career. Aayush had to change his number. Even, Aayush’s friend who was working with the same media house told him that she was asking for Aayush.

Finally, he gathered enough courage to speak his story aloud but unfortunately, the insensitive people didn’t spare him the victim shaming. See what he received in the comments section along with being called a ‘feku’ and his story, ‘a fantasy’.

Aayush has tweeted thanking people who understood his pain and supported him. He’s equally disappointed with people who think that a MAN CAN’T BE RAPED OR MOLESTED. He has appealed trollers not to mock a sensitive issue like this, lest they can’t stand by him.

Well, a society who openly criticises and cat calls women who accuse big names of sexual ill-treatment can’t swallow the fact that men too feel offended and violated when touched or behaved with inappropriately. We’re all blessed not to have gone through any such experience ourselves and that doesn’t get us a license to decide whether a victim is lying. There is a huge difference between ‘what we think can happen’ and ‘what happens or has happened’. Let’s respect this difference and next time someone speaks of his/her sufferings, let’s be sensitive enough not to make a fun of it.

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