In yet another ridiculous incidence where Justice failed miserably, a rape accused was declared innocent 10 months after his death. The case that dates back to 1991 is really complicated.

Back in 1996, a minor girl accused her military engineer father of raping her continuously since 1991 after her father lodged a complaint of a random guy abducting and seducing her. However, later, the girl was found to be pregnant.

It was too late by the time the ball landed in Delhi High Court’s court and that’s exactly when the flaws in investing and Justice making were figured out.

“The investigation was clearly one-sided. At this distance in time, this court can only deplore the inaction of all concerned. There are many facts and circumstances which have been glossed over by the trial court but which render the prosecutrix’s account wholly improbable and unreliable,” said Delhi High court, as reported by TOI.

Counting the errors serially-

1) No probes were made into the complaint of abduction lodged by the father and the case was blatantly closed.

2) The father demanded a DNA examination of the girl’s Foetus but that was never carried out though that could easily bring out the truth. The investigating agency and the trial court didn’t feel the need for a DNA test because they couldn’t see why a daughter would falsely accuse her biological father of something as henious as rape. Really?

3) As the girl states that she was being raped right from 1991 but she never conveyed the same to her mother or siblings. And, to be noted here she was never under any pressure.

4) Her mother and her siblings don’t extend much support to her and rather say that she was poor in studies and wayward from the very beginning.

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The father was jailed by the trial court for 10 long years, who simply went with the complainant without really showing any interest in facts, evidences or opinions of the other family members. After he died in February ’18, his wife continued to fight his case and finally the verdict came in his favor. But sadly ironically, he was no more alive to let a sigh of relief.

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Justice delayed is Justice denied and here is where we exactly realise how apt is the statement. We don’t know how happy or sad the man inside the grave must be now, but he certainly lived a life carrying the guilt of a crime he never committed, which is painful.

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