Jaipur: A 40-year-old has made a public appeal to actor Ajay Devgan to stop promoting tobacco products in the interest of the society. Nanakram used to be an Ajay Devgan fan and started using the same product which the actor advertises, but has now realised the consequences of using the same when his life is at stake.


As per reports, Dinesh Meena, the patient’s son, told PTI. “My father Nanakram Meena started chewing tobacco a few years ago and was using the same brand for which Devgn does the advertisement. My father was impressed by Devgn but when he was diagnosed with cancer, he felt that such a big star should not advertise for these kinds of products.”
Nankram has also circulated nearly 1000 pamphlets, pasted them on the walls in Sanganer, Jagatpura and in nearby areas of the city addressed to the actor, asking him about how much he or his family chew tobacco.

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Nankram, who is a father of two children used to run a tea stall but now sells milk for a living because he can’t speak.

He mentioned in the pamphlet that actors should not promote or advertise things like liquor, cigarette and tobacco be they are harmful to one’s health and we, at The Indian Feed would like to raise this concern. Tobacco and its products are injurious to health and cause cancer, please refrain yourself from indulging or doing the same.

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