As we have come across the news of a VIP’s vehicle being stopped by the police to let an ambulance pass smoothly, here we have the story of a citizen who kept blocking an ambulance’s path for 4 km and delayed it reach the hospital by 15-20 mins. The ambulance had an infant in it who was suffering from breathing difficulty along with its mother.

Indiatimes quoted ambulance driver Madhu as saying, “The lights and sirens were on and despite repeated honking, he refused to allow us to overtake him. He continued to obstruct our way till the Cochin Bank Junction, almost a 4km distance. From the junction, we took a left turn, while he went straight”.

Doctor said that had they been late by 5 minutes, it could have lead to losing the baby.


The police came to action only after the passengers shot a video of the SUV blocking its way and it went viral on social media enraging people. In the video, the ambulance driver can be seen screaming and honking desperately at the SUV driver, but the SUV continued blocking its way.

The vehicle owner has been identified as Nirmal Jose, a 25-year-old youth from Aluva.He was found absconding soon after the incident, but, later he surrendered on Thursday night.

The youth, Nirmal, who was driving the SUV has been arrested and says that he did so not to allow other vehicles block its way. The defense is bizarre enough for police to even entertain it. Now, the infant is safe by God’s grace but is still in a critical condition. It’s unfortunate to see such careless attitude of some people.

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