Indians love moral policing, be it at khaap panchayat level, by vigilante groups or by police officials it happens everywhere. This is one of the main reason that we feel uncomfortable in front of policemen or govt officials. Policemen are public servants and their task is to help us, however, often it has been seen that they misuse the power given to them.

We fail to understand why they feel that a common citizen needs to be well dressed
or dressed formally, why they need to stand in respect of the policemen while visiting a police station or any other govt office for help. The task of these officials is to help us, however, the extent of misuse of power is such that we even feel nervous in front of them even if we visit the police station for tasks like passport verification.

In most of the part of the country taking a bribe for a passport verification is a custom and if you deny it, policemen will be ready to threaten you that they will send false info and your passport will stay in pending state.

On Saturday evening, Mangesh Desale, a Kalyan, Maharashtra, resident went to Hadakpada Police Station to get police verification done for his passport. However, what happened there was not unexpected, he was moral policed for wearing shorts. And as expected, when Manglesh opposed them they manhandled and threatened him that they will file a case against him. He was told that this is India and not America.

Mangesh asked them to show the rules where the dress code for visiting a Police station has been mentioned to which they didn’t respond.

This incident is not a standalone, almost every one of us have come across such situation, where instead of asking for help, which is our right, we are expected to behave in a humble manner as if we are culprits and at any moment we can be thrown inside the jail.

While most of the people are supporting Mangesh, it’s shocking to see some netizens abusing him for wearing shorts and telling that he should have dressed properly.

He later posted the same thing on Twitter and tagged Mumbai Police who replied that they have taken notice of his problem and have notified the concerned department. An officer of the Khadakpada police station told Mid-Day, “Our officials merely asked him to wear proper clothes while visiting the police station. Women come to the police station too, and shorts don’t look good. He is an engineer; he should have better manners and know how to present himself at a police station.

It seems like the best way to tackle such situation is to go live on Facebook instead of recording the video, which they might force you to delete, and let the world know about the moral policing and abuse of power by these people. In case you also have any such unpleasant memories feel free to share in the comment box.

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