Justice delayed is Justice denied, it’s said so. But ‘Justice hurried is Justice buried’, is what this story perfectly portrays

According to a media report, Bimalendu Mondal was arrested in 2002 for charges of murdering his wife, Anima Mondal. Anima’s deadbody was recovered from a lake with injury marks on her chest and head. Forensic reports said that she was poisoned to death. On the basis of statements of the neighbors and Anima’s brother who had to say that the couple used to fight daily, Bimalendu was arrested and sentenced to life imprisonment by Bakura court in 2004 after being proven guilty.

Source : OneIndia

Bimalendu had filed a case with Calcutta High Court. Bimal was sentenced to life imprisonment for murdering his wife in 2004. Bimal challenged the Bankura court’s ruling the same year and filed an appeal to Calcutta High court. But for 13 years, the case did not proceed as Bimal was a poor man who could not afford a lawyer.

The case was reopened and shockingly no file was found in the case. An advocate was approached by the court to fight the case without any fee. In the initial days of the hearing, which started last year, the court never summoned Bimalendu for reasons unspecified. And last week, the Honorable High Court handed over acquittal orders of Bimalendu to Alipore Central Jail only to be informed back that the man has passed away two years ago.

An unfortunate failure of the judiciary that cost an innocent man 14 dark years in jail. Justice arriving to a dead Bimalendu is more of a mockery than Justice. Unfortunately, the courts which can work at midnight to decide the burial spots for politicians doesn’t have time for the common citizens of the nation.

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