In the wake of the Manchester terror attack which claimed more than 22 lives and left 59 people severely injured, a lot of people are coming forward for helping the victims.

Gurudwaras in Manchester were offering free food and shelter to people who were left devastated and helpless after the bombing that struck music fans after an Ariana Grande concert at Manchester Arena last night.

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As a lot of people left Manchester Arena last night following the attack, taxi drivers started offering them free rides to safer places.

Taxi driver AJ Singh offered free rides to people.“I’ve had people who needed to find loved ones. I’ve dropped them off to the hospital. They’ve not had any money, they’ve been stranded,” he told Channel 4 News. “We should come out and show whoever’s done this that it doesn’t matter because Manchester, we’re glue and we stick together when it counts.”

Sam Arshad, from StreetCars Manchester also told his drivers to provide free rides to anyone stranded after the attack. “The audience was a very young audience, and there were a lot of people there without their parents,” Sam told the BBC.

As usual Sikh Community came forward for the noble cause and four Gurudwaras around the terror affected area offered free food and shelter to the victims throughout the night.

A spokesperson for Everything’s 13, a Sikh educational charity told , “Gurdwara means “Guru’s Door” and all are open to all people, regardless of faith, race or gender. The Sikh community has historically been one people in need could turn to. The Sikhs Gurus ordered Sikhs to ensure people have access to basic needs and freedom from oppression. Along with all the messages of condolence and togetherness being spread across the UK, we at Everythings 13 would also like people to know a Gurdwara is always a place anyone can come to, especially in times of need.’

A lot of people were providing free accommodations

It’s really heartwarming to see people standing together against terrorism and redefining humanity! Stay Strong Manchester!

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