Life is not so easy, we know. But here we bring two real-life stories that prove how tremendously difficult it can get.

The stories surfaced after the forced ban on begging was implemented by the City commissioner of Hyderabad, ahead of GES 2017.


Ms. Farzana, a 50 YO who was found begging on the streets of Hyderabad had once worked as accounts officer in London.

This MBA graduate was held at Anand Ashram, a shelter for beggars that is run by the prisons department within the Cherlapalli Central Prison. The Ashram in charge, K. Arjun Rao, speaks her story to the Deccan Chronicle. “For the past two years, she has been facing hurdles in her life. She lost her husband and was staying with her son, an architect, and his family, in Anandbagh. She went to a godman seeking a remedy for the impediments she was facing in her job and personal life. He asked her to become a beggar to overturn her tashil (ill luck).

A mere blind belief has ruined the lady’s life. She speaks fluent English and is now set free from Ashram after her son signed and submitted an affidavit.

Farzona Source

Here is another story of a green card holder of the US, Ms Rabiya Baseera, 44, is equally heart wrenching. She is compelled to beg at a Dargah of Hyderabad now. As Mr. Rao narrates her story,” She speaks fluent English and when she explained her story, we had tears in our eyes. She was well-settled and owned properties in the city. But a few of her relatives cheated her out of her wealth. After she was caught begging, some of her relatives gave us a declaration that they would take care of her and took her with them,” he said.

She has also been taken into custody of a relative. It’s saddening to see that as humans are growing richer in wealth day by day, they are losing grip on humanity. While the first case shows how humans can ruin their lives over superstitions, second shows how people are killing humanity with every passing day.


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