While most of the other kids of his age group are busy in mobile games, cartoons, and PlayStations, 13 yrs old Anand Mishra’s life is different.A student of Class IX, Anand is known as ‘Chota Masterji’ to over 100 students from over 125 villages adjoining his home town Lucknow.
He teaches over a 100 students in his regularly organized ‘Bal Choupals’.
It all began when Anand visited Maharastra during his holidays and saw a kid sitting in a corner and studying.
Whenever the prayers started in the temple, he ran inside and led the prayers.
After the prayers ended, he went back to his place under the dim lights and continued studying.
Since his clothes were tattered Anand’s family offered him some money to buy new clothes, but the boy asked for books for his education which Anand’s family bought him.
Anand’s life changed that day
After the trip, the family went to many villages and convinced the underprivileged kids to study with Anand and Bal Choupal was formed.
Anand studies in City Montessori School in Lucknow. After coming back from his school every day he goes to his Bal Chaupal.The classes start with “Hum honge Kamyaab” and commence with National anthem.Instead of teaching in a monotonous manner Anand teaches them with stories and games.
Anand teaches 100 kids daily who come to his gathering from mainly slums and villages
In last 3 years, he has inspired around 758 children to go to school and he receives full support from his father & Mother both of whom are in UP Police.
For his selfless work at such a young age, he has won the Satyapath Bal Ratan award and Seva Ratna award.
For those who say “Is Desh Ka Kuch Nahi Ho Sakta”, Anand is an answer!
More power to you champ!
All image source : FB
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