Meet a modern “Shravan Kumar” who serves around 500 senior citizens every day.

In a world where children are abandoning their own parents and leaving them homeless Dr. Uday Modi sets the bars high.Dr Modi has been running “Sharavan Tiffin Seva” in Bhayandar, Mumbai, which feeds around 500 old people on a daily basis free of cost.

It all started when one day one of his patients showed up at his door in a helpless condition

The old homeless abandoned couple was hungry and needed Rs 10  for vadapao.The incident shook him and he decided to serve the elderly free of cost.His wife was cooking food initially when they were providing food for 11 people

But, as they grew larger they have hired 4 cooks for around 200 people.Dr. Modi tastes the food daily to ensure its quality before it is given to the people.He believes he has learned the compassion from his father who used to provide slippers to construction workers despite his average financial condition.

Dr Modi has been offering food and medicines for around 10 years now

Since he bears the cost on his own he also faces shortage of funds to fulfill the needs of elderly.He acts in TV serials in his free time so that he could help more people with that money.

“I still do not get how kids cannot serve their own parents, who nurtured them to make them independent, a part of the bread they earn, in the hour of need,” he said to

His dream is to open an old age home someday for the disabled elders.


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