It would be a delight to walk past the meadows of another land and gaze an eyesight on the satrangi colored saree, one of myriad India’s being known for, flying in the sky just above you. Shital Rane-Mahajan, an adventure enthusiast from Pune gave a similar opportunity to the Indians staying in Thailand on the Monday by skydiving approximately 13OOO ft above a famous tourist resort in Pattaya, Thailand in the ‘Nav-wari saree’.

Shital, being an adventurous soul wanted to try something different and thus decided to leave the colors of Maharashtra in Thai-sky.
“I wanted to do something different with International Women’s Day coming up next month, so I decided on wearing the Maharashtrian ‘Nav-wari sari’ for my skydives,” Shital Rane-Mahajan told IANS on a phone call from Thai Skydiving center, as being reported by NDTV.

It is not so easy as it seems as ‘Nav-wari saree’ is a bit different from rest of the kinds as it 2 yards longer than the regular saree of 6 yards. And draping it also not an easy task as you need to precautious enough to not let your saree take a ride in the air without you while the dive.

“First, to drape the ‘Nav-wari sari’ properly, plus to wear the parachutes on it, the safety gear and communication equipment, helmet, goggles, shoes, etc, add on to and make it all quite a challenge. I wanted to prove that Indian women can not only carry the sari graciously in their routine lives but can also use it for high adventure like skydiving,” she explained as she seemed to shambled in first of her two landings.

Her 18 national and 6 international skydiving records, summing up to 7O4 jumps at an age of 35 with being a mother of a 9-year-old twin is something that should India flaunt about. Padma Shri Shital is the first and the youngest woman to have a fall on extreme poles of the globe at the age of 23. On April 18th, 2OO4, she jumped off Russian MI-8 helicopter from a height of 24OO feets in minus 37-degree temperature and retained a successful landing on the north pole without a single trial. Two years later, on 15th December, 2OO6, Shital Rane had the First Accelerated Free Fall Parachute Jump on the South Pole in Antarctica, crossing a distance of 116OO feet from a Twin Otter aircraft to the ground.

On April 19th 2OO8, Sital Mahajan agreed to ship her name with Vaibhav Rane and got married 75O feet above the lands of Pune city skyline in a hot air balloon. Accidentally, her husband is also a skydiver with a number of 57 jumps yet.

In November, 2O17, they earned the title of first Indian civilian couple to skydive together. Shital has left her images in all the 7 continents in 1O years, from Antartica, Australia, Asia, Africa, Europe, North America to South America. With two unsuccessful attempts, she is still on her way to pursue the dream of skydiving over Mt. Everest. Last year, she was also being nominated by Aero Club of India for the FAI Sabiha Gokcen Medal which is an honor for our nation. India needs more and more women who leave the sky of the globe saffron.

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