And just when you thought the world around is nothing but chaos, there comes a 7-year-old panda to break the myth and give you the overdose of cuteness.
Even if you are one of those who doesn’t believe in love at first sight, sorry to let you down. World’s only brown panda, ‘Qizai’, a 7-year-old weighing 100 kgs, is slower than the other pandas and cuter too.
Qizai, or ‘the seventh son’, is thought to be the only living panda in the world that has white and brown fur .
He was abandoned by his mother at two months old and bullied by his playmates during his childhood .

However, the adorable bear, has grown to be a super star in the animal world; for Qizai has proved that when it comes to a panda, it’s not always a case of black and white.


The adorable bear frolics and eats 44 pounds of bamboo a day in Foping Panda Valley, Shaanxi province .
Unaccepted by the other pandas he was rescued at the age of two and is looked after by He Xin at the Foping panda valley in shanxii province ,China.
Chinese experts are planning to arrange mating for him to help understand the cause of his odd colour.
 So next time you visit China you know what not to miss.
 image and news source: dailymail
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