Since ages we’ve been teaching our sons that men don’t cry, that they are built to endure the pain, crafted for all the tough works, meant to take the responsibility of a woman, respect her, be in limits, be masculine and what not!

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On women’s day, we flood social media with our resolutions and messages to men. Then why can’t we roll our sleeves up and make men feel special on their day as well with some equally potent resolutions!

Let’s teach our sons to cry whenever and wherever they feel like. That they are humans and holding back feelings can gradually kill them emotionally.

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Let’s tell our male buddies to reach out to us whenever they feel violated around another woman or man. Let’s convince them that sexual exploitations are common to both the sexes and we’ll always be there when anyone dares to harm then just like they’ve been.

When our brothers’ bikes break down, there’s a bus strike or it’s too late in the night, let’s promise ourselves to arrive at his work to pick him up for home.

To sacrifice, isn’t only dad’s duty. He too falls desperately in love with a shirt that he never ends up buying because his children exhaust his pocket. Let’s start including him in our shopping list too.

Men have been fighting anxieties, setbacks, rejections since so long. If at all we’re in love and sense that he too is, let’s not shy away from going on our knees with a ring in hands. The joy that’d sparkle in his eyes will make it all worth!

Be it karvachauth or anniversaries, let’s not declare gifting as his lone job. Let’s promise to ourselves that we shall save up for months, do extra shifts to make enough money so we can present him his long craved accessory on special days!

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To doubt a woman of an alleged affair or checking her phone every now and then can really piss her off. Then why do we not think to what extent the same can hurt a man? If we long for love, care and trust, why can’t we invest the same on our men?

That’s how a change is brought about in the society. We women can never deny the pivotal roles men play in our lives to help us reach where we’re today. Then why just post something on men’s day and dust our hands off all other responsibilities that we owe them? Let’s gift them their share of comfort, peace, liberty too.

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