#MeToo has gained momentum and doesn’t look like coming to a halt. Rather, new names are popping up every day in both, the victims and the accused list.

Director Sajid Khan has been in headlines for quite a long after many ladies from Bollywood mercilessly screamed out his dark secrets to the world. After three actors and a journalist came up with their #MeToo experiences with Sajid, this time ‘The lipstick under my Burkha’ fame Aahana Kumra has also chosen to break her silence in an interview with TOI.

She backs Saloni Chopra and says she too was escorted to a dark room and made to watch what the director was then watching. She was asked really weird questions that’d make any woman feel terrible, particularly in one such setup. She dropped a hint of her mother being a cop but the director didn’t seem to care and kept on asking her humiliating questions like, ‘Would you have sex with a dog if I gave you Rs 100 crores’?. “He didn’t touch me,” the actress adds.

Sajid is in real trouble as Khiladi Kumar has walked out of his next project, Housefull 4 declaring that he won’t work with ‘proven offenders’. Akshay sticks to his values and wants Justice for all victims of sexual harassments.

Aahana appreciated Anirban Blah’s apology and also recalls how shaken she was the day she had talked to this casting director in a five-starred hotel’s lobby. ‘Anirban Blah met me at the lobby of a five-star hotel and said, ‘There’s a room here. Let’s negotiate there.’,

Aahana goes more vocal about how this alluring world of entertainment had affected her overall well being. When she was new to the industry, clueless about its cultures and traditions, she had almost lost her balance. What looked intolerable to her, was a totally normal gesture to others.

“I was on the verge of committing suicide because this culture is so normalized by certain people. I couldn’t live with who I was anymore. I started questioning myself about who I had become. I was not what my parents expected me to be. It has taken me a lot to come out of it,” she said.

However, she has battled it all and has proven her Calibre today. But many talents give up to harassment and exploitation before flourishing. Indeed, Aahana is an inspiration to them. Before calling this a ‘publicity stunt’, let’s wait for Sajid to speak up for himself.

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