When it comes to women’s cricket we all know the extent of alienation our women cricketers face. Whether it be the fee paid to them or media coverage their men counterparts always remain miles ahead in the race. Even though we are a Cricket Crazy nation, when it comes to the coverage of women’s cricket we are also on the same page as other countries are.

Currently, Indian women cricket team is in London for the Cricket World Cup 2017. And, the best part is that for the first time ICC has decided to broadcast all the matches of the tournament.

While ICC is trying to increase the coverage of the women’s cricket by taking all the necessary steps, it seems some people are still so much concerned about men’s cricket that instead of asking proper questions to a World Cup team captain they prefer to stick to questions about men’s team.

According to a report by Cricinfo, when Indian Captain Mithali Raj was attending the open dining and media roundtable event she was asked by a reporter who was her favorite men’s cricketer between India and Pakistan.

“Do you ask the same question to a male cricketer? Do you ask them who their favorite female cricketer is?” Mithali responded to the journalist. “I have always been asked who’s your favorite cricketer but you should ask them who their favorite female cricketer is.”

“There’s a lot of difference because we are not a regular on television. Now the BCCI has made an effort that the last two home series have been televised and social media has improved a lot of it but there is a still a lot of catch-up to do in terms of recognition,” she added.


The reply by Mithali clearly shows that they too are aware of the fact that the women’s cricket is not getting the same amount of attention as the men’s team.

While one can give a benefit of doubt and think that the reporter might have asked the question in good faith but still it’s not fair to shift the focus and attention everytime from women’s cricket to their men counterparts.

However, Mithali told that they too follow the game of men’s Cricket team and are currently benefitting under the coach Tushar Arothe,”Men’s cricket sets the bar. We are always trying to reach where they set the standard. All of us follow men’s cricket because we want at some point that women’s cricket would be up there,” she said. “All of us at some point have been coached by a male cricketer. I strongly believe that they get a lot of intensity into the training sessions. They are very hard taskmasters.”

Mithali has received support from the sports journalist from across the globe as well and the tweet has got thousands of retweets

We wish Mithali all the best for the upcoming women’s World Cup and hope that they bring the Cup home and give this Cricket crazy nation another reason to celebrate.

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