Demanding a wage hike around 14,000 buses in Tamil Nadu have remained off road for last three days, forcing people to pay high auto and cab fares or remain stranded at various places.However, many people stranded at the Anthiyur stand in Erode were surprised on Friday when a local MLA Rajakrishnan asked them to sit in a bus, which he drove all the way to Bhavani – a distance of 36 km.

Reportedly, the local MLA had come to the place to access the ground situation in the transport strike.When he found that around 40 people were waiting for buses from Bhavani to Erode he tried to arrange drivers for them who could take them to their destination. When he came to know that no driver was available the MLA decided to drive the bus himself.


The MLA is also an owner of heavy vehicles and had a license to drive such vehicles.When he offered to drive the bus the transport officials asked the MLA to take the vehicle for a test drive.The officials were satisfied with his driving and hence allowed him to drive the bus.

I was really surprised to see the MLA in the driver’s seat,” M Karthik, a passenger was quoted by TOI. He further added that it was good to see the legislator come forward to help the stranded passengers.

According to other passengers, no one looked uneasy while the MLA was driving the bus. After dropping the passengers at Bhavani bus stand the MLA also drove back a group of waiting passengers to Anthiyur.

While the gesture by the MLA is certainly praiseworthy this didn’t go down well with the striking unions following which they protested against MLA Rajakrishnan undercutting their demands for a wage hike.

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