The country’s capital witnessed another shocking incident of mob lynching of a 26-year-old Auto-Rickshaw driver for allegedly stealing car batteries in West Delhi’s Mohan Garden on 23rd November, 2018. The incident took place at the crack of dawn near Pipal Chowk.

The Auto driver was lynched along with two other men who are fighting for their lives and are under treatment now. The deceased identified as Avinash Saxena was allegedly tied to a pole, brutally beaten up and later paraded. Avinash succumbed to his injuries and he died.


His parents immediately reached the spot when they were informed about their son getting beaten up. They started pleading for him but the mob didn’t stop. Kusum Lata, Saxena’s mother told HT that her son kept pleading with them to save him, but the mob left them helpless. Each time her son fainted, they would sprinkle water on his face and then thrash him again. They snatched their mobile phone when they tried calling the police.

It’s disturbing to further note that there were residents who shot videos of the incident but did not bother to call the police and save the man. Even if the man was guilty of theft, it is for the police to investigate and take necessary actions on it further.

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As reported by HT, another policeman who requested anonymity said that Avinash was caught “red-handed” stealing batteries. “The three of them had stolen batteries from cars parked in an empty plot of land. We caught them while they were loading the batteries in their auto-rickshaw,” said a resident, who was afraid of being identified.

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