Yet another rape case. We know it’s nothing new and pops up every other day on news headlines. But we thought it’s important enough to share, because this time, the victim had offered help to the culprit, and got this terrible fate in return.

The 21 YO girl hails from Dehradun and currently lives in a PG in Mohali, Chandigarh. She works in a private farm. Reportedly, On Friday night she was returning from her stenography classes when the auto she had boarded pulled off near sector 53 and the driver admitted some mechanical error that didn’t allow the vehicle to move any further.

She decided to go to her PG all by herself, when the two co-passengers covered her mouth and pulled her to nearby bushes and committed the henious crime. Meanwhile, the girl was ranting for them to take all her money and spare her.

Earlier, she states, that the auto driver had spoken of her daughter’s ill health and his acute financial scarcity that kept him from filling gas in his vehicle. And, sympathizing with his pain, the girl had helped him with RS. 100! Probably, in today’s world, this is how the helping hands are treated.


After around 24 hours of the rape, the girl reached her PG, ie on Saturday and soon left with a friend. Her colleagues had come enquiring about her and her mother, who is a private employee after the victim’s father passed away, tried calling her over and over again. But her whereabouts couldn’t be traced as her phone was snatched away by the criminals.

Now, the girl has gathered herself back and has filed a complaint in police. She recalls the accused ones being 35, 30 and 25 year aged. She says she heard the driver saying “Is bacchi ko bhi to ghar chhodna hai (I will also have to drop this girl at her house),” reported The Indian Express.

Despite having CCTV footage, the criminals are not yet thrown behind the bars. SSP Nilambri Vijay Jagdale said to the media, “We are working very hard. A team has been constituted on the level of each police station. There are a total of 16 police stations. We have obtained the footage of the accused auto driver. We are approaching every auto union in Tricity to get a clue about the accused.”

CCTV grab of the accused at a petrol pump in Chandigarh on Friday. Source: Indian Express

What if they’re catched and jailed? Shall anything change? Shall this crime stop at once? Shall the girls be able to walk fearlessly on roads, day or night? Ah, we’re expecting way too much, ain’t we? Not just a girl, but whole humanity is victimised today. A helping hand is mercilessly killed. We Wonder if the ones in real need for help would pay the price for this lechery by few, as many would stop and think twice before helping anyone.

ht : TheIndianExpress

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