There are devotees who come to pooja pandals and idol immersion for worshipping and say bid adieu to Lord Ganpati and then there are molesters disguised as devotees whose sole purpose is to take advantage of the situation.


Festivals and worship places are meant to celebrate the joy while worshipping the God, however, crowded Pooja Pandals or any other public space unfortunately always pose a risk for women and girls to get molested, thanks to the molesters. There are molesters and people who willingly go to the crowded pandals or procession so that they can grope or touch women in an inappropriate way.

To avoid any such incident in Ganpati Visarjan this year the Hyderabad police set up the SHE team, a team comprising of female police officers looking out for molesters.The team video graphed and followed the suspicious persons and caught them red handed.The police have caught around 30 persons in such cases out of which 8 were minors.

Watch one of the molesters here :

According to TheNewsMinute report, the police told, “While the teams were observing several locations, some people were following the procession and sprinkling water on women. Some were throwing water packets. Some people were caught for throwing paper pieces and flowers on women. Some were taking selfies with women without their knowledge. Some were blowing whistles and shouting at the ladies”.


Some of them followed and stalked the women. Few others were trying to touch the ladies inappropriately in an inebriated condition. All these activities were video recorded and the accused were caught red handed with video evidence,” it further stated.

However, Swathi Lakra Additional Commissioner of Police (Crimes & SIT) and head of the SHE teams told that due to the stigma and the societal shame attached to it women are not willing to come forward and report such incidents even after the police begged them.

TNM quotes Swathi as saying,”Women have become so used to being molested at public places. They don’t even think about raising a voice. They are worried about becoming a spectacle themselves and that no one will believe them if they asked for help.

The video is really disturbing to see, however, we applaud the SHE team for taking action against such perverts and molesters who pose a serious threat to the privacy and modesty of women even at public places.

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