MOMO Challenge: This is another deadly online game similar to the infamous Blue Whale game that pushes children and teenagers into committing suicide.
It hasn’t been quite soon that The Blue Whale Challenge was setting its foot out of our country and now our youngsters are again being targeted for such games that starts with frequent tasks and ends in committing suicide.

At the beginning of the game, people usually tend to drift away from everybody around, including their friends and family, this is what they’re asked to do. They have persistent low mood and will seem unusually unhappy, at times having sudden outbursts of anger.


The game, MOMO Challenge is spread through social media and cell phone. It is a form of cyberbullying that recently took a few lives in India and is currently spreading through Whatsapp. Youngsters taking part receive graphic threats and are instructed to perform a series of dangerous tasks.

Whoever set up the accounts, reportedly hacks the victim’s phone in the beginning and hence forwards the challenge messages to people further and if the tasks remain undone, threaten the victims to make personal information public, or inflict harm on family members, or even curse them.
The game initiated on Facebook where people were asked to communicate with an unknown person via an unknown number. Later, the links were forwarded to the WhatsApp groups and hence grew its deadly roots all over the country.


Momo is actually a popular social media account active on WhatsApp, Facebook, and YouTube using a face of a scary doll, with large protruding eyes, as if gouged out to attract the attention of children.
The doll image was created by a Japanese artist, Midori Hayashi who claims she isn’t linked to the game in any way.

Children and youngsters are a specific target for such game and task givers send them links on their WhatsApp or social media accounts through their hacked database.
According to a report, the Government has also issued an advisory and has asked parents to look for “signs and symptoms” to guard their children against potential danger.
The game is left to explore to our teenagers because they are vulnerable and don’t know exactly how to deal with threats. If any of you get any sort of message from an unknown or a link to play anything on your social media handles, report it to your family and to the nearby police station.

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