It has always been a matter of shame for our country that we either judge the people based on their skin tone or worse? Try to change their skin tone.
Since we were kids, many of us are forced to use products and other methods to get a fairer skin but this brutality of a child having bruises on his skin? Not tolerable.


This is a case of Bhopal ( Madhya Pradesh) where a woman adopted a boy, a year and a half back from Uttrakhand. She strangely believed that scrubbing the body with a stone, makes it fairer after some random person told her and she followed and started doing it with ultimate determination.

Luckily, the woman’s elder sister’s daughter couldn’t see any more torture and called the ChildLine Team and they rescued the boy. His body was engraved with bruises all over and he was immediately admitted to a hospital where he was treated and then he was Child Line Centre for further enquiry.

Complainant Shobna Sharma, mentioned that Sudha Tiwari adopted the child a year and a half back from Matruchhaya. She is a government school teacher in Nishatpura area and her husband is a contractual employee in a private hospital.

Shobna also said “From the day child was brought to Bhopal, her aunt was unhappy with the boy’s complexion and she started treating him with various things. A year ago, after someone suggested her a treatment through a stone, she started scrubbing the child’s body with black stone. This left the kid badly bruised with scars and injuries on his wrist, shoulder, back and legs.”  She also mentioned that as per the rules, Matruchhaya should have kept follow-ups after the adoption, which was not done on their part.


After the authorities talked to the boy, he told them that his mother used to take him to the school where she teaches and that he didn’t go to school for study.

It is such an unfortunate case, that a child must have finally expected some love, affection and care and in return he got was this – brutal treatment. We applaud the decision of Shobna which surely helped the kid in being saved from the woman’s atrocities.

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