I have male friends posting the same on Facebook and also the ones giving quite sensible comments on my #MeToo status.But I have even met a few boys with a regret of never having been harassed by any female and are very keen to put up the same status. I am sure many of you can relate to this. But here is a mother’s reply to her son which teaches us how to deal with such people.

If you are not aware of the Pune’s High Spirits bar incident that was in trend lately, let us summarise it for you.Pune’s High Spirits bar owner Khodu Irani has been accused of harassing, objectifying and sexually abusing many girls at his cafe.


All this started when a Twitter user Sheena Dabholkar called out the pub for numerous instances of sexual harassment.

She even shared a screenshot of his disgusting message

This opened a can of worms and many other women also came forward with their stories and posted it on Twitter for all those who were not ready to believe

According to a Pune mirror report, Police is now looking into the case.

However, amid this, a guy, on his Facebook post, posted a query regarding the commodities offered here. Here is his FB post:

Isn’t it annoying, people? And equally insensitive and stupid. Casualising rape is one the major collateral damages caused by rape to the society. What do you know of rape except that it has something to do with sex? And you joke about it? No one knows how it feels to live a life after being a victim of it, except the victim himself/herself. And no one has got the rights to crack jokes on it. Understand it for once and for always, BEING RAPED IS NOT PLEASANT.
This is how his mom, lashed him over Facebook and taught him a lesson.


A mother plays a vital role in the building of a society. And we need more women like her. She unleashes a totally new dimension of rape culture. Curbing rape can’t be achieved by making your daughters strong enough to combat it, but also by teaching your sons compassion and empathy.

The boy finally apologised for his behaviour

Truly, change and shaping of ideas begin at home!

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