As the posh community of India sips coffee while watching the tug of war going on for winning elections in Madhya Pradesh and politicians go on playing ‘Farmers’ lone waiving’ card for the same, this news points out the ugly truth that no matter who comes to power, some lives would never be touched.

On 31st December when all those reading this news were engaged in welcoming 2019, a tribal child in Ratlam District of Madhya Pradesh consumed insecticide after fighting hunger for too long, as reported by PTI. The age of the child isn’t known but he’s, however critical now. Local media sources say that the child’s requests for some wheat were being repeatedly denied by a local ration shop.

National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) is probing into the matter and we hope soon we’ll be knowing more about the case. We’re, anyways praying to hear the news of well being of the child more than anything else right now.

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