On Sunday, a 29 YO woman from Chhola, Madhya Pradesh was resting in her house with ‘Sheru‘ lying in a corner. As per reports, Sheru is a stray dog whom she regularly feeds. At around 3 pm, she heard a knock on her door.

Sunil, who resides in the same neighborhood forced himself into the house when the woman opened the door and tried molesting her. The four legged could sense that its Hooman was in a danger and needed help. So Sheru got into a fight with Sunil and saved the lady but only at the cost of being stabbed in its forelimbs.

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Sunil, as per reports is a jobless man and often causes troubles. He had entered the victim’s house in an inebriated state. The lady has filed a case with Chhola police. SHO Chhola Radheyshyam Raigar has begun a hunt for Sunil who’s absconding and has also got Sheru treated medically who was profusely bleeding after sustaining the attack.

On one hand when atrocities against dogs are gradually increasing day by day, dogs haven’t stepped back from proving time and again that they’re still our best friends. Should we be happy that humanity is still alive or sad that it’s alive only in animals?

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