One the new year’s eve, a farmer from Madhya Pradesh was all set to sell his onion produce in the wholesale market post which he died of a heart attack after he could barely earn Rs. 3.72 per kg.

As per the reports, Bherulal Malviya went to sell his onions because the prices in the market were dropping, only to sell his crop for Rs 10,440 at the rate of Rs 372 per quintal.

Shocked after barely making anything from his produce of the last couple of months, the 40-year-old farmer suffered a heart attack. After his condition deteriorated, Malviya was taken to the hospital but died during the treatment.

After the incident happened, his family sought the state’s Government help and his son Ravi mentioned the trauma after which his father was no more.

Last month, Sanjay Sathe, an onion farmer from Maharashtra, angry with the Modi Government and their failed efforts to help the agricultural workers of the country, sent his paltry income of Rs 1,064 from selling 750 kg onion to the Prime Minister’s Disaster Relief Fund as a mark of protest, read about it here.

Even though the new Congress government in the state has waived off farm loans, we haven’t seen much improvement as far as a farmer’s condition is concerned.

According to the National Horticulture Research & Development Foundation (NHRDF) sources, the average production cost for growing onions is around Rs 900 per quintal and farmers incur losses if they get any price below that.

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