Under no circumstances shall this be a result of any action which is beneficial for the government and its people.
A 35- year old journalist who was investigating the Sand Mafia (illegal sand mining) in Bhind District of Madhya Pradesh was killed in an ‘accident’ after a dumper rolls over him while he was on his vehicle.

He was working with a national news channel and he filed a complaint after he got threats after he conducted a sting operation against a police officer who was apparently involved in the crime. An audio conversation of the officer in question was aired by his channel after which the officer was transferred, sources said.

It is such an irony, that he was killed within few metres from the police station and it took 15-20 minutes for them to respond. Its an incident of taking a back seat for the journalists working in the same region.

ANI reported that Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has said that strict action will be taken against people responsible for Sharma’s death.

It has also been reported that his family comprised of his two kids and a wife who are in shock. Congress Leader Jyotiraditya Scindia has demanded a CBI investigation and nothing less than that mentioning that Media stands up to the fourth pillar of democracy and such incidents should not be taken lightly for any action, “Media is the fourth pillar of democracy and that is being crushed under the BJP’s rule,” she said.

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