Madhya Pradesh: A newly married couple was beaten up by their own family members and forced to drink urine for marrying against their wishes and eloping from the village, Alirajpur district.
The couple was apparently beaten up while they were sleeping in the house of the groom’s uncle on June 25th by the bride’s father and her relatives in Hardaspur village as told by Ambua police station in-charge, Vikas Kapis to TOI.


The couple eloped in May and were back in the village from Gujarat to attend a function in the groom’s family. Later, when the bride’s side of the family got to know their whereabouts, they not only beat them up but tied the man to the pole and cut off the woman’s hair.

“The couple alleged in their complaint on June 28 that the attackers tore portions of the woman’s clothes and forced the couple to drink urine,” Kapis said.

After they filed a complaint accusing the woman’s father Mal Singh and Dinesh, her cousin, the police have arrested the two and is still looking for the four others who were involved.

This all started because of the disagreement between the two families who belong to the Bhilala community. According to their tradition, the groom’s family has to pay a certain amount of sum to the bride’s family to get a nod for the marriage.

The groom’s family is claiming that they paid 70,000 in cash and they also gave two goats to the bride’s family to make the deal happen.

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First, it is wrong to accept or give anything to the other side of the family in marriage, people can call it gifts or just a sum to negotiate a deal, it is immoral to the two getting married.
Second, not accepting the bond two people have and beating them up for something as petty as a deal, it is obvious people will run away in fear of their families. Yes, it is important for the couple to understand and make their families understand as well, but if the families don’t support their children, then they will have no one else.

Making them drink urine out of revenge all because they eloped and got married is inhumane and disgusting.

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