With the presence of mind and coordinated execution of the plan, every trouble can be antagonised, as rightly proven by an incidence in Madhya Pradesh.

Chitora village of Sagar district. An artillery shell was found lying near a school with a capacity of 400 children. It was noticed by an aware citizen and immediately reported to police.

representational image: source: the internet

Quoting Ajay Kumar’s statement to Times of India- “Police saw the bomb and immediately asked us to close for the day, almost two hours early. We asked the students to leave at once.”

The explosive lied there undiffused till the brave Constable Abhishek Patel carried the 10kg bomb on his shoulders and broke into a sudden rush. He ran for 1km without bothering his life so that residential areas are spared from the harm in case it blasts.

As this hero speaks to TOI-“My only objective was to take it away as far from the children as possible. Far away from all residential areas.”

representational image – image source: Indian express

We hear from Satish Saxena, IG, Sagar- “There is an Army shooting range near the village. The Army was informed about the bomb. How it reached there and who placed it near the school is being investigated.”

We got to thank the citizen who informed the police, the school teachers who evacuated children from school on time and last but not the least, the Constable and the police force who have been protecting citizens from dangers within the borders. India is safe for heroes like them!

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