Mumbai: A 22-year-old man from Kurla was kidnapped and sexually assaulted by four strangers, including a minor boy, who traced him to a popular restaurant after he uploaded his selfies on social media.

All four are residents of Ghatkopar. While the three of the accused, Mehul Parmar, 21, Asif Ali Ansari, 23, and Piyush Chauhan, 22, have been booked under the Indian Penal Code sections 377 (unnatural sex), 392 (robbery), and 34 (criminal act by several people in furtherance of common intention, the minor has been sent to a remand home.

As per reports, an FIR was registered at the Vinoba Bhave Nagar Police Station in Kurla West and the complainant mentioned that the accused came to him after fifteen minutes of posting the selfie on social media saying that they liked the photos and praised his appearance.

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According to the complaint, the three rode towards the airport for around 20 minutes, and eventually stopped near a hotel where a man was waiting in a car. The complainant told the police that he was forced inside the car where the three men took turns to sodomise him. Around an hour later, the minor joined the three men in the car and they thrashed the complainant till he agreed to perform oral sex on them, the FIR said.


The complainant confided in his parents, who accompanied him to the police station, from where he was sent to the Sion Hospital. “The complainant has been told that he can visit us for counseling at his convenience,” Dr. Rajesh Dere, head of the Forensic Department at Sion Hospital, said.

The investigating officer mentioned that the accused did not have any past criminal records and have been arrested, they shall be further kept in Police custody till Monday.

Humiliating someone, stalking someone, physically, mentally and emotionally assaulting someone is a crime. There is a major requirement in the law when it comes to juvenile committing crimes, if they aren’t old enough to take up the punishment of the crimes they did, then the bigger question arises how did they commit the crime in the first place.

The complainant/victim in such cases should be provided therapy and the least the authorities can do is to make such cases a priority and punish the accused.

Another thing that is required here is that we need to make people aware of what they’re posting on their social media platforms and who all are checking the same. Why are a certain number of people in the following and if one even knows them? This is important. Stop stalking people, it’s a crime and quit sharing things with people on social media you know nothing about. And if you do choose to keep your profile public, please be safe.

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