Sewri: In a raid conducted on Sunday, FDA (Food and Drug Administration) seized 25 kg of rotten meat from the slum and has cautioned the local food vendors who sell cheap food, especially the Chinese food stalls against buying cheap meat and using them in their food bought by the public.

The raid took place after Bala Vengurlekar, a local activist complained regarding the same. The FDA raided the slum, seized the meat and sent it for a laboratory test. The RA Kidwai Marg police station also arrested a man under the BMC Act post the raid.

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“We found that the chicken being sold was of substandard quality. The chickens, as mentioned by the complainant, had died due to unhygienic conditions before the slaughter. We have warned the stalls of buying such meat as it’s unfit for human consumption. We will soon issue guidelines for the stalls,” joint commissioner (food) Shailesh Adhav told Mumbai Mirror.

“We are monitoring the roadside food stalls and will conduct more raids to prevent the use of rotten meat. This was the first raid conducted by the FDA,” he added.

With the total number of such stalls still unknown we still don’t know the number of people who are running their stalls with stale or rotten meat.

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People’s safety and health should be a Government’s priority, and they should look into this matter for the same. A proper license should be given to every local stall vendor after a hygiene text done on their food. Certain guidelines should be laid for all such vendors as to for how long they can keep different kinds of eatables and hence should not be used thereafter.

Speaking to Mumbai Mirror, Dr. Amol Wagh, associate professor (surgery) at JJ Hospital said, consumption of rotten chicken can lead to severe gastroenteritis. “Stomach pain, diarrhoea, vomiting are some of the common symptoms of eating rotten food. It can even lead to cholera in some cases.”

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