The rising number of incidents of animal cruelty in India makes us think whether we have any humanity left among us. The heinous crimes that have been reported in the past few months include poisoning and killing of pets, freezing a dog by leaving it at -32’c, throwing puppies from top of a building and killing them, sexual assault of a dog in Mumbai and much more. Due to lack of strict laws against animal cruelty, the perpetrators of these crimes easily come out on bail.

In yet another case of intended animal cruelty 19 years old, Nancy Kadarikota from Ghatkopar East received the shock of her life when a man with Facebook account ‘Kevin Dsouza'(authenticity yet to be verified) approached her.

According to an AsianAge report, Nancy already had two big cats but when she found that someone has abandoned 5 kittens behind her building she brought them home.
She took care of them for two months but since it was not feasible for her to take care of all of them she put them up for adoption. Nancy posted on social media urging people to come forward and adopt the kittens.

Source: Facebook

Within some time of posting, she received an inquiry for the adoption of kittens. A man named Kevin Dsouza approached her and assured her that he would like to adopt two of the kittens.

Source: Facebook

But things took an ugly turn when the man revealed his reason behind the adoption.“I asked him for assurance as I won’t be able to take them back again… and it was then he said, ‘Don’t worry I’ll kill them for me and my neighbor like cat meat.’”

Source: Facebook

Nancy was left shocked with the intentions of the man and shared the incident on Facebook where another woman revealed that Kevin had even approached her for taking care of her German Shepherd Dogs while she was out of the town.

While the authenticity of the Kevin couldn’t be verified independently, the incident has left Nancy visibly shaken, “I don’t know whether he was joking around or was serious but this is something cruel and stupid. I can’t believe such people even exist.” She told to Asian Age. Even if the man was just trying to troll her, his words reflect his mindset against the voiceless animals. If given a chance, such people won’t leave a chance to turn their words into reality.

In case you want to adopt the adorable kittens you can get in touch with Nancy Kadarikota here.

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