Narayan Lavate, A resident of Laxmibai Chawl in Thakurdwar’s Zaobawadi in Mumbai, has came up with a strange demand from the Government. He wants euthanasia for himself and his wife just because they don’t have a purpose in life.

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It’s not the first time but this 83 YO is appealing to the PM, CJI, CM of Tamil Nadu and President since 1987 to Grant him euthanasia when he was merely 57 YO. He wanted to offer his organs to soldiers fighting in Kargil war. He had appealed thanks Tamil Nadu’s then CM Jayalalitha to hang him and his wife instead of Rajiv Gandhi’s murderers.

“Hanging will take how much time? Maximum half an hour of agony,” says Lavate, who’s all set to turn 87 in August, “but it will save me the agony of living.

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In case you’re curious what big sorrow or ailment is he suffering from, let us tell you that there are none. He thinks he lacks purpose in life and after 75 since body becomes vulnerable to earthly diseases, it’s necessary in part of a man to die before that.

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What is the use of living further?” he asks. “We have no purpose. And beyond 75 years of age, you fall prey to various ailments and infirmities.”

He surrounds himself with books of forensic science, PILs, Indian Judiciary. “I’m currently reading law books because I want to know the judgments and precedents on euthanasia,” he says, “and forensic science books to understand how diseases are contracted.”

He has even reached out to Dignita a Swiss association that helps people access suicide when they’re suffering from incurable physical and terminal illness. But Lavate thinks he’s being deprived of a peaceful death in Switzerland just because he has no passport while his wife has.

Passive euthanasia has been legalised in India keeping in view the decades long sufferings of Aruna Shanbaug, the rape survivor. It simply means depriving a terminally ill patient of his treatments to hasten his death. But which country can permit to kill someone who wants to die just because they lack a purpose in life??

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Narayan married then 28 YO Iravati in after he turned 37 because his mother was bed-ridden since then. He was an employee of RTO and his wife former headmistress of Aryan High School in Girgaon. They have a decent pension and a house to live in. They have no kids because Narayan convinced Iravati that it’s an act of selfishness since no child chooses to be born and suffer. Iravati isn’t much fond of kids too and is quite agreed to her husband plan of assisted death. The couple has attempted suicide several times but found it risky and now want to ensure a painless death.

Iravati has siblings and both have nephews and nieces who’re pouring down at their home but the couple turns dead to all sticking to their decision.

Only if they could realise, one doesn’t need a purpose in life. Life itself is the biggest purpose to live.

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