Food, clothes and Housing are the most basic necessities for a human to survive in this world. An absence of any one of the above could leave us vulnerable and exposed. Food and Clothes are however accessible to most of the people. But, building a house remains a dream for many due to the huge amount of money required to build it.

Pondering on this very problem, two guys from Mumbai came out with a solution to build a house from something which is cheapest and easily accessible in the locality.


Manish Advani, a marketing professional, and Jayneel Trivedi, an architect, have come up with an idea of building a low-cost, eco-friendly houses by using dried tender coconut shells. They have made a prototype of a house by weaving discarded coconut shells.They collected and dried them for 18 days and reinforced with mud and bamboo mesh. The entire process cost them just 10,000 rupees, making it one of the cheapest housing ideas.

Speaking to BusinessZoom,  Manish said the idea stricken him when his son started to suffer from a breathing problem to which doctor advised that it was caused by pollution and heaps of trash in the city. He then started to explore ways to solve the garbage issue, Manish said he began with the simple step of composting waste at his home.

One day when my wife handed me a tender coconut shell to compost, I was stunned. I didn’t know how to compost them. Coconut shells are hard, and take a very long time to decompose. I did some research and found out that undecomposed shells become breeding grounds for disease-causing mosquitoes and flies. Most of us are unaware that they pose a huge health hazard – dengue,” BusinessZoom quoted Manish as saying.


Manish had no idea about decomposing these hard nuts. He then started planting seeds in coconut shells which acted like a perfect pot for the plant. But he continued with his effort towards using it in more creative way and one day he came across the idea of making houses out of coconut shells.

Manish got in touch with Jayneel Trivedi who was inquisitive for ideas in sustainable housing. The convergence of their interests brought out the rather brilliant concept of low-cost eco-friendly housing using coconut shells.The duo took the help of 20 students from Somaiya College in Mumbai to build the Coconut House prototype.

Manish’s and Jayneel’s Coconut House initiative has won a bronze in the International Green Apple Awards, an award that recognizes environmental best practices around the world. Jayneel received the award during a ceremony at the Houses of Parliament in Westminster, London, this June.

It is really nice to see people coming out with creative ideas to solve the problems of society. We hope that government also recognizes these people and support them in their efforts towards creating a sustainable environment.

h/t:- BusinessZoom

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