In a historical and big move towards gender equality, Mumbai Fire brigade has recently hired 97 firefighters. Earlier the city fire brigade had only 18 women firefighters.The fact that makes the move even more special is, most of these new recruits hail from Urban areas of Mumbai.

According to a TOI report, the new women will be spread across the various city fire stations.Currently, the women are undergoing firefighter training at Wadala regional command center.


A total of 145 firefighters were recruited out of which 97 were women. The common reason amongst most of the candidates behind joining this male-dominated field is their passion towards working in the police force or army and getting a chance to serve the nation. Most of these candidates who come from diverse educational backgrounds wanted to join the police force and since this career option looked like a perfect alternative they happily chose it.


Kavita Gurule (22), BSc in Mathematics, said to TOI, she was keen on joining the army but had been unable to get through. “However, I heard about this opening and decided to apply as I was keen on getting into a service where I could serve my countrymen”

“These women are in the final stages of their training. Once through with it, they will be placed across various fire stations in the city. It is good to see the enthusiasm in almost all these women and their readiness to take on the toughest tasks they are being trained to face,”Chief fire officer P Rahangdale was quoted as saying by TOI.


The fact that women in such large numbers joined the fire brigade voluntarily and out of enthusiasm speaks volume about their passion and potential. In a field which is generally considered male-dominated these women are certainly breaking some stereotypes!

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