Before we ask why have crime rates reached to the extremes in society, we really need to look inside ourselves to find the answer out. Why do we think we can simply keep ignoring something that annoys us and hope stupidly for it to vanish on its own gradually?? Why do we keep avoiding fighting back and let things harm us until and unless it becomes absolutely incompatible with our daily lives? When would we understand that diseases cure the best in early stages?

It’s not for the first time that we are bringing to you a news of stalking. Though it happens everywhere, like every time before, this case also involves the metro cities Delhi and Mumbai.

The victim is a young woman who had gone to Mumbai where she had applied for a few colleges. In the city of dreams, she got to meet many new people amongst whom was the stalker himself! Gifts, notes, phone calls at odd hours saying how much he loved her and eventually marriage proposals that came into the scenario. Annoyed, to get rid of him she fled back to her hometown, Delhi. According to the woman, when she thought the stalker was gone he randomly appeared again even in Delhi.

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She asked him to stop following her but he wasn’t going to listen. He started calling her from different numbers.Annoyed by the calls the girl blocked all his numbers. Now, he started calling her father and elder brother asking them to hand over the phone to her.It got so bad that she switched off her phone, and then stopped using a cell phone altogether, police said.

Threats followed, saying in case she won’t talk he would turn up at their place and cause a nuisance. And this is where the victim realized the necessity of legal intervention and complained in Jafrabad Police Station against the stalker.

“A case under sections dealing with stalking and threatening was registered and a special team has been formed to nab the accused. He seems to have fled the capital,” a senior police officer said to the media, adding the youth was a college a student pursuing a B.Com degree.

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Now, when will our youth realize that stalking and compelling someone to accept your feelings towards them isn’t what love is about, though that’s what many Bollywood movies and TV serials have inculcated in our minds. Please realize, STALKING is NOT ROMANTIC at all! And if you feel at any point of time that your privacy is being unnecessarily intervened, DO NOT compromise your safety and seek police help immediately.

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