As per a DNA report, a contempt petition was filed against commissioner Rajendra Nimbalkar. As per the petition, the 43 days long satsang that was conducted on the occasion of Guru Nanak Jayanti by the Amritvela Trust of Ulhasnagar violated noise pollution rules. Also, construction of illegal pandals in the maidan were allegedly done that were later used for other purpose.

During the hearing of the petition, Commissioner Nimbalkar in his reply said that devotees took part in the satsang in huge numbers but each one of them had earphones on. Ulhasnagar Municipal corporation had made the Sikh community distribute around 10,000 earphones to its devotees. Mumbai High Court is all praises about this initiative of the Civic body.

Not just the honorable high court called it a revolution, but environmentalists like Sumaira Abdulali, convenor of Awaaz foundation found it the call of the hour. As Sumaira says, she finds religious foundations paying contribution towards safeguarding environment quite overwhelming and indeed, encouraging for all others.

We welcome the court’s observations. The unique solution that Amritvela trust came out with under the guidance of our founder Rinkuji satisfies legal requirements and also avoids noise pollution. Other organisations and political parties also need to draw a leaf out of our experience and make amends,” said Gurmukh Singh, spokesperson of the Amritvela Trust.

If we start counting examples from past wherein our Sikh brothers made us proud with their nobility, probably we’ll fall short of numbers. However, as they play flag bearers to this major change we expect other religious organisations to realise soon that environment is equally important as the religion.

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