Mumbai: Hussain, a resident of Deonar, owner of a plumbing material store, was on his way back home when he saw an 18-year-old girl, all ready to jump into the Vashi creek and somehow managed to stop her.


The incident happened on Monday at around 8.30 pm where he saw a girl walking barefoot on the bridge and found something suspicious, recalling his past experiences. He immediately stopped his bike to reach her and managed to grab her when she was about to jump.

Almost two years ago, a similar incident happened when Hussain had spotted a girl jumping from the bridge who was then saved because he informed the cops at the right time. Around nine months ago, he found a girl scribbling notes at the same place and managed to grab her when she was about to jump.

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After saving the life of the girl on Monday, he further counselled her for another hour and then dropped her safely at her doorstep. It turned out that she was cheated on by her boyfriend and was hence dealing with a broken heart.

When asked for a gesture to drop her back home, the girl gave a wrong address, and once Hussain took her there, she revealed she lives in Mankhurd with her mom and dad.
After reaching her place, Hussain left her in the care of her neighbours because her parents had to rush to the hospital as her mother fell ill suddenly.


As he was riding back home, Hussain felt that the girl still was very much capable of harming herself. He reached Mankhurd and found his intuition right. The girl had locked herself in and once the neighbours helped him break the door open, they found her hanging from the ceiling fan.

Hussain had been her saviour twice by then. Reaching at the right time, the girl was then rushed to Shatabdi Hospital and from there to Sion Hospital.

Speaking to the Mumbai Mirror, Hussain said, “I have had long conversations with her dad. She needs to be taken care of. I have told him he must support her to complete her education. She must grow into a confident woman who does not see unfaithfulness of a man as the end of the world.”


“It is pitch dark. The municipal authorities must do something about it,” he added while mentioning that the area on the bridge is on the verge of becoming a suicide spot.

Thanking Hussain, the father of the girl said, “Had he not been there, I would have lost my daughter. He saved her twice I can’t thank him enough.”

We as youngsters should realise that suicide is never an option, it is a crime. Putting your life at stake all because someone doesn’t recognize your importance in their life, only shows how weak one is in someone else’s hands. One should be strong enough to deal with people and emotions, they can’t and shouldn’t overpower you at any point in your life. Focus on the things that allow you to grow, the right people will help you do that, and the wrong ones will only pull you down.

Your ultimate motive should be to be a step ahead in life tomorrow than you are today, hence making you the utmost priority in your life.

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