MUMBAI: Even after unnecessary abhorrence being created between the two religions, the Hindus and the Muslims reunite to show the power of humanity.

One such incident happened in Mumbai when Muharram and Ganesh Puja fell on the same day and the two religious communities got a chance to offer prayers together of their respective faiths.


While the Hindus were just four days away from the ten-day Ganesh Chaturthi festival, the Muslims observed the 10th day of the Islamic month of Muharram. The former performed Aartis and the latter performed Azaan together on September 20 in Thane’s Mumbra in the same pandal of ‘Ekta Mitr Mandal’.

“We celebrate festivals together. We have a common mic and loudspeaker and coordinate our prayers’ timings,” a devotee told ANI.

The majilis was organised by the Hussaini Foundation. Speaking to NBT, Abdul Razzak, chief of the Hussaini Foundation, said, “Certain people deliberately try to create a rift between the two communities for their benefit. It is important to be careful of such people.”

People who are against brotherhood and who can’t take these two communities as one, this act has set a good example for them. No matter what, when humanity wins, every form of evil and hatred will bow down, it eventually does.

This is just a start, our nation will be one, a nation that counts all in one.

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