Mumbai: Luxury bus driver rapes 4-year old child, dumps her body in a sack. Arrested.

Every time you would think that humanity has reached a low point, there surfaces an incident that makes you lose hope further. Even animalistic behavior is less gruesome. One would think that living in a society that has embedded ethics and morals in its daily functional life, those sinister carnal instincts would be tamed, given that is one of the primary distinguishing features between human beings and animals. But, clearly, we have a long way to go. A 34-year-old driver of a luxury bus has been arrested on Monday by Bhayander police for allegedly sexually assaulting a 4-year-old girl inside the bus on Sunday evening. After that, he strangled her and when she lost consciousness, he thought that she has died. The accused then stuffed her in a gunny (jute) sack and threw her at a desolate spot near a petrol pump near Waliv on Mumbai-Ahmedabad Highway, as reported by Mumbai Mirror.

1.5 lakh child rape cases await justice
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The girl later regained consciousness and moved around in the sack, following which locals took notice and opened the bag. They then informed Waliv police who took her to Sir DM Petit Municipal Hospital in Vasai where she is undergoing treatment. Senior Police Inspector Chandrakant Jadhav of Bhayander police station said the little girl was playing with her friends inside a parked luxury bus on Sunday afternoon near Bholaram slum in Bhayander (West) when the bus suddenly started moving. While the others managed to get off the moving bus, the minor remained inside.

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After noticing the minor, the driver parked the bus near a desolate spot, sexually assaulted her, and then strangled her. Jadhav added that the accused thought the minor was dead when she lost consciousness. He then stuffed the girl inside a jute sack and dumped it near a petrol pump at Fatherwadi, Vasai.

Waliv police had initially registered a case against unknown persons. Meanwhile, the survivor’s mother found out about her getting stuck in the bus and went to Bhayander police station. The police then launched a search operation for her and informed nearby police stations, Jadhav added.

After checking CCTV footage from nearby areas, The police then launched a search for the 4-year-old girl and informed other police stations. The cops checked the CCTV footage of the nearby areas and identified the driver and arrested him on Monday under sections 376(2)(i), 376(3) (rape), 307 (attempt to murder), 363 (kidnapping) of the Indian Penal Code and relevant sections of the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (Pocso) Act.

Residents of the Bhayander locality from where the abduction happened have been complaining about the illegal parking of luxury buses on the road. The buses, the local residents said, were being used for the consumption of drinks and drugs.

Could there be a remedy for this incident? Maybe more stringent background checks can be suggested for all drivers. The government can make it mandatory to have CCTV on every bus. But, will that ensure a hundred percent security? The answer seems to be a strong No. The fundamental problem here is about the mentality. No amount of surveillance can make up for the lost humanity that is supposed to be inherent in people. Unless that is found again, society will continue to remain in a dismal barbaric state, going from bad to worse.


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