Today is the fifth anniversary of Nirbhaya gangrape but sadly nothing has changed on the ground level and we don’t think it’s going to in near future. You can arrest and nab a rapist or criminal but the problem doesn’t end there.Until and unless people start thinking like humans and stop treating girls and women like objects of pleasure nothing is going to change. Looking at the way in which Bollywood movies promote stalking and ogling a change in mentality looks like a distant dream.

In yet another monstrous incident a 19 YO Mumbai man Rahim Ali kidnapped and brutally assaulted a 4-year-old girl with an iron rod to such an extent that it fractured her skull. The little girl is now battling for her life at a hospital in Bhayander.


According to police, the accused, on Tuesday night seeking revenge on her parents, assaulted and fractured the girl’ skull. Her parents had earlier objected to his staring at her. In a fit of rage, he then kidnapped her and beat her with an iron rod.

The girl’s parents found her in a pool of blood at a garbage heap near their house.
She was taken to Kasturi Hospital, where she was admitted in ICU. She has suffered multiple skull fractures and internal brain injuries. She also has wounds on her eyes and face.


The accused is a ragpicker who lives in Bhayander. “We arrested Shaikh under section 307 (attempt to murder) of the Indian Penal Code. He has confessed. Shaikh has been remanded in police custody till December 18, when he will be produced before Thane court,” cops said to the media.

The incident is shocking to the core, we wonder how could someone ogle at a 4-year-old girl and what could prompt someone to beat a little kid so brutally that it fractures her skull. Humanity and compassion are surely dying with every passing day and no amount of reforms or laws can instill fear in the mind of such criminals until they agree to change their mindset.

HT : Hindustan Times

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