As if the incidents of humans getting raped were not enough for the monsters, they have found a new sadistic way of getting “pleasure” and showing their “manliness”.

After the recent shocking incident where a puppy was raped to death in Delhi, now in Mumbai, a housing complex’s guard has been arrested on Friday evening when CCTV footage showed him sexually assaulting a dog in the bathroom.

41-year-old Ram Naresh, a guard in a housing complex near Chembur Naka was seen taking the dog into the bathroom with him for 3 days last week and emerging after 5-7 minutes after staying inside with the dog.


The incident was noticed by the resident and secretary of the society Ashmita Deshmukh when she was going through the CCTV footage of last few days.

She found the man used to take the dog in the bathroom along with him and locked the door for 5-7 minutes.According to the medical report, the dog’s vulva was congested and swollen. Hindustan Times quotes veterinarian Dr. Deepa Katyal as saying that the dog was in a state of shock and had a lot of pain on the lower half of the body.


Speaking to Hindustan Times ,SG Dal, senior police inspector, Chembur police station said, “We arrested the guard on Friday after filing a FIR under section 377 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) (for carnal intercourse against the order of nature with any man, woman or animal), after local residents and animal activists filed complaints with us about the issue”.

In the recent times, a spike has been noticed in the reported crimes against animals and these rape cases of animals show how the perverts have stooped so low that they are now targeting the voiceless animals also.

h/t : Deccan Chronicle

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