At a time when a major portion of the internet is full of news and incidents about crimes that make us question the existence of humanity, this incident from yesterday gives us a ray of hope.

Mumbai based Twitter user Aman tweeted an SOS tweet about finding an abandoned infant in an empty rickshaw in Mumbai.

He tweeted that he found the baby and did not know what to do with her.The baby was a 3-5 day old girl abandoned by her parents in an auto rickshaw. Aman found her and immediately shared about the incident on Twitter.

The baby was wrapped in a blanket when Aman found her and was shivering with cold, but was fine after some time, as tweeted by Aman.

People suggested him to call the Mumbai Police, however, Aman had already tried that and didn’t receive any response from the other side.

Within minutes another user tagged the Mumbai Police, and guess what? Mumbai police had already reached out to Aman by then.

Within an hour, the baby was safely in the hands of a Mumbai Policewoman.

The baby was in a better state after she was nourished and pampered properly. Aman also took her to the hospital so that she could be treated properly

He didn’t stop there, Aman is keeping in touch with the police for further actions and adoption of the baby.Mumbai police also thanked Aman for being a good Samaritan, and rightly so.

In an age where humanity is getting dead with every passing day, it’s good people like Aman who are trying to keep the spirit alive. The incident also proves how the internet can be used for a good cause instead of only trolling people and spreading hatred.

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