MUMBAI: A young couple was found dead inside a car in Mumbai on Wednesday. Salman Afroz Alam Khan, 26, and Manisha Negi, 21, apparently committed suicide due to religious differences.


Their car was found outside the Mulund metropolitan magistrate’s court early on Wednesday. Although there was no suicide note found in the car, based on circumstantial evidence and statements of their close relatives, prima facie, police suspect it to be a case of suicide. Mulund police have recovered two bottles of suspected poison from the car.

Residents alerted the police after seeing the car’s engine running and its lights on. Police broke the car’s door and found Mr Khan and Ms Negi unconscious inside.
The Police are even trying to find out if they left any sort of messages in their emails or social media accounts. Khan’s social media post on May 16 read: “Suicide doesn’t end the pain. It just passes it on to someone else…This quote is the only reason I am still here,” according to a report by The Hindustan Times.


Salman Afroz Khan (26), a Thane resident, dabbled in the garments business and the girl, Manisha Narayan Negi (21), who lived on Thane -Belapur Road in Navi Mumbai, worked as a salesgirl in a mall. The police got an anonymous call, around 3.30am saying, that a lavender colored car was parked opposite metropolitan magistrate’s court in the middle of the road.


“We rushed a team to find the car’s engine was running. Our policemen knocked on the car’s doors but got no response. We then broke open the rear window to find the unconscious couple. We moved them to Mulund General Hospital where they were declared dead before admission,” said a police officer,” according to a report by The Times Of India.
“We found their identification and address proofs and then informed their parents,” he added.

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They took the unconscious bodies to the Mulund General Hospital where they were declared dead before admission. The cops then sent the bodies to Rajawadi Hospital for post-mortem and the bottles to the Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL).

“It appears that after facing rejection from their families, they decided to end their lives. We have sought their CDR to find out if they were being threatened or pressured. We are trying to figure out if they have left behind any suicide note in their drawers, emails or on social media. An accidental death report is filed,” said a police officer, according to a report.

It is so disheartening to see people choosing such measures just because their families wouldn’t accept them. It is important for us to understand that at times like this, a family should stand up first and support their children. Love is not a crime, let’s not portray it as one.

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