She went out to buy tea from a nearby stall for her mother who’s unwell. We started searching for her when she didn’t return for an hour,” says the father of a 9-YO girl who was raped and murdered in Vile Parle area of Mumbai last Thursday. Reports say that the child was a third grader, her parents are daily wage laborers and has a brother too.

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Juhu police began a search for the girl and few locals told the cops that Vadivel Devendra alias Gundapp Bhai, who’s a neighbor of the missing child has a history of being jailed for having raped a minor before. As Gundapp Bhai was accompanying the cops during the search, police found him talking to the girl in one of the CCTV footages right before she went missing.

On initial interrogation, Devendra didn’t confess but after being detained on Friday, he himself led the cops on Saturday to the septic tank where he had dumped the child’s body.

This is not new for Devendra as he has raped a 5 YO back in 2013 and jailed for the same too. Six months ago, he was let out of jail before scheduled time because of his ‘good behavior’ only to show why rapists don’t deserve to walk freely on roads. He’s married twice, has children and his second wife is currently pregnant.

The incident enraged the residents of Nehru Nagar so much that they gathered around Juhu police station and the overflowing crowd even spilled on to the roads. Additional forces joined hands to control the mob who was angry for all the right reasons. Even, the traffic had to be diverted as demands for Justice caught pace. ACP Manoj Sharma and zonal DCP Paramjit Singh Dahiya also came to the spot to assure people that the case is being treated responsibly.

Devendra has been booked under Indian Penal Code sections 201 (disappearance of evidence), 302 (murder), 363 (kidnap), 376 (rape) and under POCSO Act sections 4 (penetrative sexual assault), 8 (sexual assault) and 12 (sexual harassment). So was he the last time as well! Did that make any difference?

We remember another exemplary stance of Indian judiciary’s liberality when one of the culprits of Delhi’s Nirbhaya Rape case was allowed to walk out of a rehab home freely and additionally, ‘gifted’ a sewing machine because he was a minor when he committed the inhuman crime. And now, ‘good behavior’ outweighed raping a 5 YO. Maybe, we’ve uglier surprises to receive. May Almighty grant all strength to the bereaved family to cope up with the grief of losing a child.

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