The Railway Protection Force (RPF) at Virar has arrested three individuals who shot a video doing the viral KIKI CHALLENGE on an ongoing train.


The accused have been identified as Nishant Rajendra Shah, 20, Dhruv Anil Shah, 23, and Shyam Rajkumar Sharma, 24.

Following the irresponsible behaviour they were produced in court and the punishment for the youths is to visit the Virar and Vasai stations and spread awareness amongst the mass to not do such stunts for the next three days. They are even supposed to shoot themselves while doing it and give the proof to the court. Well, it’s not such a huge task for YouTubers like them, Is it?


The video involves one of them running after the train and doing the challenge while the other two inside filming him do it. Their video on Youtube has over 2 million views.

Talking to Mid-Day, G N Mall, Virar RPF inspector, said, “With the help of local intelligence, we tracked down the boys and arrested them under sections 145(B), 147 and 156 of the Railways Act.”

A similar incident happened in the Central Railway and the authorities are still on the lookout for the accused.


This is highly irresponsible for people like them who have so many people watching their videos do it. Not to forget the number of deaths that happen because people are unaware of boarding in and out of trains.

On top of that, if such stunts go viral, the death toll will be on the rise. We have to be careful of what we see and support and most importantly what we put on the social media because there are millions out there to see and get influenced even if we don’t want them to.

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