A Mumbai student committed suicide after failing, but the re-evaluation results showed that she scored enough to pass.

According to Mumbai Mirror, having fallen 10 short of the passing marks of 30 in a paper, third-year student Riddhi Parab hanged herself on August 10. Re-evaluation revealed the heartbreaking truth to her parents: she had actually scored 31 in the paper.
After the parents went through the trauma of their daughter committing suicide, they filed for revaluation of the paper which Riddhi had failed. “We thought of applying for re-evaluation about 10 days after she passed away just for our peace of mind,” her father, Ramesh Parab said.


Riddhi was a third-year student of BAF (Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting and Finance) at the MPV Valia College of Commerce and hanged herself to death at her residence in Andheri, three days after the Mumbai University declared the results for the VI semester this year.

The results showed that Riddhi had failed in the Financial Management paper scoring 20 marks, missing the passing mark of 30 for the theory paper of 75 marks.
Ramesh told Mirror, “The failure came as a shock to her. She had always been a good student, never scoring below 80 percent in any exam. After the final year exams, she was so confident of passing that she had taken admission in a Chartered Accountancy course beforehand. Even after the results were declared, she had told her friends that she was thinking of applying for re-evaluation. However, we were never able to guess what was going on in her mind. Even on the day, she took her life, she did not appear upset.”


Ramesh, who is an auto driver raised his concerns regarding the incident with the University’s Vice-Chancellor, Suhas Pednekar and demanded that the professors who checked his daughter’s paper were made to realize what kind of consequences their mistakes could lead to.

Riddhi had scored 20 out of 75 in Financial Management in the original evaluation (above); her revised marks are 31/ Pic : Mumbai Mirror

Riddhi’s father, being an auto driver with a wage rate of 700 per day managed to give her all that he could and just because of a shortfall of 10 marks in a result, she gave up on life. We need to realize that in life our actions not only affect us but our loved ones as well. Speak to your friends and family, seek medical help if you need to, but do not take decisions in life so hastily. Life has ups and downs, if something goes wrong someday, it doesn’t mean it will remain like that.

Here, Mumbai University is to be blamed, they should make sure that a particular paper is checked properly before declaring the results and that if a student needs the re-evaluation process, it should be a quick step thereafter.

H/t: MumbaiMirror

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