The First Video:
Yesterday a video emerged on social media which showed a car being towed away for probably being parked in a no-parking zone.The video also showed a woman was breastfeeding her seven-month-old baby inside it. The incident occurred on Friday at SV Road, Malad around 4.30 p.m.The video caused a widespread outrage and like most of the other cases, people jumped to the conclusion without trying to know about the other side of the story.

In the video, the woman, Jyoti Male, can be heard saying that there were two cars in front of her which were not towed. She also points out that there was no nameplate on the traffic policeman’s uniform.She told to ANI that the policeman did not even ask her to get down from the vehicle. She even informed them that she was breastfeeding her child, but they did not stop.

On the following day, Maharashtra chief minister Devendra Fadnavis issued a warning to traffic policemen on Sunday and stated that the policeman who allegedly towed a vehicle with a woman and baby inside it had been suspended.

New Video

However, now a new video has emerged regarding the case which contradicts the version of the woman. The video shows that the baby was not inside the car but in the arms of another family member when the Mumbai Traffic Police warned to tow the car away.It can be easily interpreted that the child was taken inside the car thereafter, indicating that situation could have been averted by the parents.

The new footage contradicts the statement of the woman that the policemen did not even ask her to get down before towing the car, even when she told them that she was breastfeeding. The policeman can be seen requesting the woman to get down before they started towing it. Instead, this also looks like an irresponsible attempt by the parents to put their child’s life in danger and using him as a shield to protect themselves.

Earlier today, National Commission for Women (NCW) chairperson Rekha Sharma said a strict action should be taken against the policeman, and also told that if the woman acted irresponsibly, a case should be registered against her as well.

“When I saw the video last night, my first reaction was that the police personnel should be suspended and an action should be taken against him. But I read in the morning that the mother kept sitting inside the moving car. Our first concern is that of the child. If the case goes against the lady, then the lady should be booked,” Rekha Sharma told ANI.

While the traffic police should be taught to be more sensitive in such cases, if it is proved that putting the baby inside the car was an act by the family members, action should also be taken against them for fabricating the case.

We hope that a proper inquiry is carried out in the case and proper action is taken against the guilty.

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