On Wednesday, Mumbai witnessed a unique kind of marriage defying all the societal norms and stereotypes as Madhuri Sarode, a transgender got married to Jay Kumar Sharma, who she has been dating for two years, at a temple in Mumbai.

Madhuri and Jay first met on facebook and fell in love with each other. After two years, they finally decided to get married according to Hindu customs and to let the world know about their marriage.

Though this is not the first transgender marriage, Madhuri and Jay’s wedding is one of the first that wasn’t held in secret.


On 24 April 2015, the Rajya Sabha passed the Rights of Transgender Persons Bill, 2014
guaranteeing rights and entitlements, reservations in education and jobs (2% reservation in government jobs), legal aid, pensions, unemployment allowances and skill development for transgender people. It also contains provisions to prohibit discrimination in employment, prevent abuse, violence and exploitation of transgender people.

But it didn’t define their rights to marriage, something Madhuri Sarode wants to ensure happens. “We have been together for two years. Our marriage should be accepted legally, but it is a difficult process. But if we can get a separate identity, we should also be allowed to get married,” said Madhuri.

Jay’s sister and brother in law flew down from Dubai to attend the wedding and have been very supportive of his decision. His parents, he says, know of their relationship, but he hasn’t told them about the wedding. For now, top of mind is getting a marriage certificate.


“I want the marriage certificate to be given to me as a transgender. I’m willing to fight for it, and even go to court if I have to,” she says. “We live in India and it’s really difficult to pull Section 377 out of the books. Personally I haven’t faced any issues but I want to fight for myself and other Madhuris in India.” she added

We at ” The Indian Feed ” wish the couple a happy married life and hope that their marriage gets accepted legally at the earliest .


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