If you’re a middle class Indian who has to travel to work every day by public transport or a two-wheeler, then we realize that you don’t find ‘monsoon’ at all pleasing. Rather, it scares you. Now that the potholes on your city roads will be filled with water, your everyday road travels would be life risks now. Irrespective of which city you’re a resident of, you can totally relate to this.

Pothole-ridden roads have claimed 11,386 lives across the country over the past four years, which translates into roughly seven deaths a day. UP fared worst with 3,428 deaths.Maharashtra (1,410), MP (1,244), West Bengal (783) were next in ranking.


Manisha Bhoir used to work in a school at Kalyan, Thane. On late Sunday evening, she was returning home with some family member on a bike. As recorded in a CCTV footage, the books hit a porthole and both the rider and the pillion fell off the vehicle to their right. A speeding bus soon ran over Manisha crushing her to a spine-chilling death.
No one was at fault here. And misfortune didn’t grant time to even attempt to save Manisha.

You can see the scary footage here.

We appreciate government’s initiatives to enforce helmets and seatbelts on the bike and car drivers respectively and realize that they are life-saving. But are municipal corporations going to realize that covering potholes is equally important to save lives?

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