Meet a mother-in-law. Not the ones shown in daily soaps or the ones you come across in your neighborhood. This is Anwari Idrisi, an extra-ordinary woman from Ambala Chawl, Mankhurd.

She lives with her three sons and three daughter-in-laws. The youngest son, Nadeem Naim is addicted to drugs. He misbehaves and tortures his wife, who after getting fed up with this consistent domestic violence leaves the house at once. But Anwari brings her back home and promises her to save her from Nadeem’s beatings.


One night, Nadeem comes home with drugs having taken all control of his nerves. Anwari sends all family members to sleep in neighbor’s house and faces the wrath of her son all by herself. After Nadeem stopped beating her, she pushes him on a steel ladder, strangles him to death and weeps beside his dead body all night.

All filmy, right? But unfortunately, it is a true story of a woman’s struggle against Domestic violence. Anwari confessed to her family that she had killed Nadeem to save her daughter-in-law from torture. She was arrested for murder under section 302 of the Indian Penal Code.

We are NOT appreciating Anwari’s action. It’s never judicious to take the law into hands. Had she followed the correct path. Had she filed a complain in police against her son !

But we can’t stop appreciating her sense of responsibility towards her daughter-in-law. We need more such women, who stand by other women, dare to fight against crimes.

But we appeal all readers to abide to rules, not get swept away by emotional outbursts and take any such extreme decisions.

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